WEICON Universal Spray-on Grease with MoS2 ,400ml

WEICON Universal Spray-on Grease with MoS2 ,400ml

إنه زيت تشحيم قوي ومقاوم للضغط العالي ويقلل من الاحتكاك والتآكل لفترات طويلة إنها مناسبة لمحامل الدرفلة والانزلاق ، والمفاصل ، والرافعات ، والموجهات المنزلقة ، والمغازل ، وأعمدة الكامات ، وأعمدة المحور ، والينابيع ، والتروس المكشوفة والتروس الدودية. لجميع سرعات الانزلاق المسموح بها لتزييت الشحوم

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high pressure resistant

WEICON Universal Spray-on Grease with MoS2 is a high-pressure resistant and strong long-term lubricant which reduces friction and wear for prolonged periods.

WEICON Universal Spray-on Grease with MoS2 is suitable for rolling and slide bearings, joints, levers, sliding guides, spindles, camshafts, spline shafts, springs, exposed gears and worm gears. For all slide speeds permissible for grease lubrication

WEICON Universal Spray-on Grease with MoS2 can be used in the industrial and building sectors, in rolling mills, machine tools, agricultural and construction machines and in road and rail vehicles.


Pressurized container: protect from sunlight and do not expose to temperatures exceeding +50°C.

Safety and health

When using WEICON products, the physical, safety technical, toxicological and ecological data and regulations in our EC safety data sheets (www.weicon.com) must be observed.




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