Weicon Crack Testing Agent Developer, 500ml – Made in Germany

Weicon Crack Testing Agent Developer, 500ml – Made in Germany

وايكون بخاخ مطور للتاكد من جودة اللحام يعمل التاكد من جودة اللحام والعثور على التشققات والثغرات وغيرها ياتي في مجموعة كاملة للتاكد من جودة اللحام

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Developer for the non-destructive material testing by way of colour penetration process.

Colourfast special developer on solvent basis for colour penetration tests. Suitable for metals, many plastics, ceramic materials, glass etc. The suitability for plastic has to be tested in advance.



1. Parts have to be cleaned thoroughly from fat, oils or other contamination with WEICON Crack Testing Agent Cleaner and allowed to dry. The flaws have to be open toward the surface.

2. The processing temperature is in the range of 0°C to +50°C. Apply WEICON Crack Testing Agent Penetrant to the cleaned and dry surface and allow to react for 5-10 minutes.

3.Remove excess Penetrant from the surface with a lint-free cloth slightly moistened with WEICON Crack Testing Agent Cleaner.

4.Spray on WEICON Crack Testing Agent Developer from approx. 20 cm distance. Only spray on just enough Developer to produce a white background on the surface. Too much developing agent can cover fine cracks! Cracks and flaws become visible as red lines and dots after a short time. Perform final visual assessment after 5-10 minutes.




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