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ASV CS 82 - Uiversal Grade Degreaser , 500ml Spray

Product Category: 
Cleaner & Degreaser
Content Size: 
Milli Liter (ml)

Metal Surfaces Cleaner / Degreaser

Residue free, universal, cleaner / degreaser for fast removal of contaminants from

metal surfaces; No CTC or chlorinated solvents


Product Description

ASV"’ CS 82 is a non chlorinated, fast drying cleaner/

degreaser for mechanical cleaning applications as an

alternative for chlorinated solvents like CTC, 1,1,1

Trichloroethane. Safety standards from both, worker health

as well as environmental, prohibit the use of chlorinated

solvents like CTC or 1,1,1 TCE,

ASV it CS 82 rapidly penetrates through grease, oil, dirt, dust

and other contaminants and cleans equipment fast. lt has a

pleasant citrus odor, fast evaporation rate and does not

leave any residue. AS\/1“ CS 82 cleans metal surfaces

effectively due its superior penetrating and wetting ability.

it does not contain any CFC's, chlorinated solvents or

ozone depleting chemicals and is suitable for cleaning /

degreasing of all metal surfaces and equipment only.



For heavy duty cleaning / degreasing applications of all

mechanical equipment as brakes, chains, gears, bearings,

clutches, generators, hand tools, molds, dies, slides, pumps,

forklifts, valves, nuts & bolts, pipes, power tools. Sate for use

on all metal surfaces, glass, most plastics and ceramics.



- Removes grease, oil, dirt, dust, sludge

- Non corrosive, non conductive & non staining

- Removes tar, adhesives and other tough contaminants

- Leaves no residue

- Safe on metals, most plastics, glass and ceramics

- Non chlorinated formulation

- Fast penetrating and superior wetting action

- 360° valve allows spraying in any position-even inverted


Directions for Use

Never use on energized equipment. Do not dilute with any

other cleaning agent, water or mix with any solvent. Apply onto

soiled surface and continue dipping / applying / spraying

liberally until only solvent runs out clearly and contaminants

have been washed off, To remove heavy carbon or oxides,

use a brush. Allow solvents to dry off the components before

reactivating. To enhance drying time, apply forced air or wipe

dry with an absorbent cloth after applying. Use only when

completely dry Test on plastics prior to use for compatibility,