Araldite 90 Minutes Standard High Performance Epoxy Adhesive

Araldite 90 Minutes Standard High Performance Epoxy Adhesive

الردايت ايبوكسي متعدد الاستخدام يعمل بسرعة وكفاءة عالية امن تماما على جميع المواد

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Araldite Standard 90 min High Performance Epoxy Adhesive.

The super strong, gap-filling  epoxy can be used for:

–  Workshop

–  Industry

– Household.

Long work life and easy to use.

Waterproof, chemical & heat resistant

Bonds most of materials to themselves or to one another especially :

–  Metal

–  Glass

–  Rigid plastic

–  Wood

–   Ceramics

–   Concrete


How to use:

–  Make sure surfaces to be joined are clean and free from dust, corrosion, dirt and grease.

–  For optimum bonding, roughen smooth , glossy surfaces.

–  Squeeze out equal amounts of Resin and Hardener

–  Mix thoroughly and use within 90 minutes (if at 18-24 °C room temperature).

–  Apply mix in both surfaces

–  Assemble parts and hold together with clamps, tape, string or weight, etc. for at least 6 Hours.

–  The newly bonded joint can be handled after 12 hours.


–  To avoid contamination always replace same color cap on same colors tube.

–  Avoid skin and eye contacts. Wash hands with warm water and soap.

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