Green Oil Chain Lube

Green Oil Chain Lube

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Importance of Green Oil Chain Lube
One of your bicycle’s hardest working parts is the chain. Even while pedaling at a regular

cadence, the chain’s interaction with the other drivetrain parts results in a significant amount of

metal-on-metal contact every single time you pedal.

Green oil chain lube

You are a wet lube in any weather.

● Penetrates

● Lubricates

● Protects

● Prevents rust

Why is it vital to use green oil chain lube?

By facilitating the chain’s interaction with the cassette sprockets and chainrings, a good chain

lube can maintain proper shifting performance. It also helps to prevent corrosion and reduces

friction and drivetrain wear.

An over-lubricated chain will collect dirt and grit, which will increase friction and drivetrain wear

in the same way that an under-lubricated chain increases friction by allowing excessive

metal-on-metal contact. The secret is to get it just right.

Finding the best chain oil isn’t always simple because there are so many manufacturers selling

a variety of different sorts of lubricants and formulas that you are spoiled for choice.

The first biodegradable bike chain lube in the nation, if not the entire world, Green Oil chain lube

was created in 2007. It has received numerous honors from both the cycling industry and

environmentalists, and it can extend the chain’s life by more than 100 miles per application

(depending on the circumstances).

● Green Oil includes a snap cap’ that is simple to use. Simply twist and remove them all at

once. Its wonderful long nozzle makes it simple to access confined spaces.

● N-Toc, a unique refined plant extract, has been added to Green Oil chain lube to boost

durability and extend the time between applications.

● Other lubrication applications for Green Oil include cables, brake leavers, bike locks, and

other lubrication. It is adaptable.


The bold assertion that one application of Green Oil lasts 125 miles or more is what stands out
the most. Even in the summer, rural roads can be really difficult on drivetrains, and none of the

wet, dry, ceramic, or wax lubes I’ve used have ever come close to that mileage. Not at all,

especially in the winter, when rides frequently end with bikes that look like they have been

hijacked from a cyclocross race.


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