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Elring-Curil T, Liquid Gasket Non-Hardening, Sealing Compound, 60ml

Product Category: 
Threadlocking , Gaketing & Retaining
Content Size: 
Milli Liter (ml)

Product Description:

CURIL T is a pasty, non-hardening sealing compound based on synthetic resin with an excellent sealing effect, even at extreme temperatures.  It is resistant to temperatures from -40 degrees C to +250 degrees C.  Curil T is ideal for sealing plane and finely finished, rigid surfaces, (i.e. internal combustion engines, exhaust gas turbochargers, gearboxes, turbines, generators, pumps, machine construction, and other applications.For automotive applications, Curil T is commonly used for Volkswagen / Porsche case halfs, generator stands, oil pumps, and cylinder head washers in the valve cover area.

Curil T is normally used without a flat gasket. When sealing threaded connections, the effect on the friction coefficient must be taken into account.  Curil T is resistant to mineral oils (also with additives), synthetic oils & greases, gasoline & diesel fuels, hot & cold water, seawater, gases, air. Made in Germany by Elring.



When the parts are initially assembled, it is sufficient to apply Curil T to clean, machined or formed surfaces which must be free of grease.  If the surfaces are being repaired, they must be thoroughly cleaned and degreased with white spirit prior to sealing. Apply a thin layer by brush or other suitable means.  Caution:  if too much sealing compound is applied, it can drip into the interior.  The surfaces should be left for 5-10 minutes before being fit together and pressed.  Because Curil T is non-hardening, the parts can also be left for much longer before assembly if desired.