Product description:

The Pattex 60sec. Universal adhesive can be many of your household do repairs within 60 seconds. Compared to standard all-purpose adhesives it is up to 50x faster and 5x times stronger. Even for larger bonding of porous and non-porous materials Pattex is 60sec. Universal adhesive particularly suitable. He reached an adhesive force of up to 130kg / cm² within 24 hours, and is also applicable for flexible bonds. Thanks to the new non-drip gel formula Pattex is 60sec. Universal adhesive extremely suitable for vertical applications.
Advantages at a glance:

FAST adhesive in just 60 seconds
EXTRA HARD to 130kg / cm² within 24 hours
CORRECTABLE within 40 seconds
FOR A WIDE RANGE OF MATERIALS poröse- and nonporous (PE, PP, PTFE)

Application areas:

  •     plaster
  •     zinc
  •     metal
  •     concrete
  •     aluminum
  •     polystyrene
  •     ceramics
  •     PU rigid foam
  •     Glass
  •     stone
  •     leather
  •     Plastics (except PE, PP, PTFE)
  •     PVC
  •     textiles
  •     matter
  •     cork
  •     iron
  •     Wood
  •     steel

Tips and Tricks:

When the glue is cured:

Even if you use the product safely and practiced, sometimes mistakes happen. And most of you noticed such errors only when everything is done. Once cured can Pattex 60sec. Universal adhesives are only removed mechanically. This is best done with a spatula. But please read beforehand the use instructions well, so you know exactly how you should proceed.

For some absorbent materials:

With little absorbent, smooth materials (for example, metal or glass), both surfaces should directly before applying Pattex 60sec. Universal adhesive be wiped with a damp cloth. A relatively thin layer of glue on one of the two surfaces is sufficient.

For highly absorbent materials:

Highly absorbent, very porous materials (for example, ceramic) need a stronger adhesive.


Content:    Tube 20g



Adhesive cool, dry place to prolong the life.


Ideal for all types of repairs in the house, even for larger applications.

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