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RustoNil Rust Removing Compound For Steel

Product Category: 
Cleaner & Degreaser
Content Size: 
Kilo Gram (kg)

RustoNil is an inhibited acidic composition formulated for efficient removal of rust from steel parts without excessive attack on it. It contains special additives which suppresses fumes for better working environment, prevents itching of surface and thereby metal loss. This results in better rust removal and longer bath life. 
Regular additions should be done in the working tank till Fe content reaches maximum limit of 50 gm/lit. Afterwards, the tank solution should be discarded till the solution is effective. 
 Concentration : 25% - 50% (v/v)   v / v = volume by volume 25% RustoNil v / v = 25 Lit. RustoNil + 75 Lit. water 
Temperature : Room Temp. 
Time : 10 to 30 min. 
Material of Tank : Plastic or FRP lined MS for dipping application 
Shelf life : minimum two years 
Packing : 1 kg, 5 kg & 50 kg in plastic carboys 
Precautions : Nothing in particular, though excessive direct contact with skin should be avoided