Cramolin ISOPROPANOL Spray, 400ml – Made in Germany

Cramolin ISOPROPANOL Spray, 400ml – Made in Germany

وصف المنتج :
يحتوي ISOPROPANOL على مذيب عالي النقاء يتيح تنظيفًا عالميًا معتدلًا لجميع المعدات الإلكترونية والميكانيكية والبصرية. نظرًا لطابعه المتناقض ، يزيل ISOPROPANOL الدهون والزيوت وكذلك الأوساخ بشكل موثوق دون مهاجمة أي مواد. يتبخر بسرعة ولا يترك أي بقايا ويجف دون ترك بقع على الأسطح المعدنية أو الزجاجية. يعد ISOPROPANOL ذا استخدام عالمي حيثما يتطلب الأمر تنظيفًا موثوقًا به.

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Product description :

ISOPROPANOL contains a high pure solvent enabling a universal, mild cleaning for all electronic, mechanic and optic equipment. Due to its ambivalent character ISOPROPANOL removes fat and oil as well as dirt reliably without attacking any materials. It evaporates fast, leaves no residues and dries without leaving spots on the metal or glass surfaces. ISOPROPANOL is of universal use wherever reliable cleaning is required.

Application :

ISOPROPANOL is perfect for a mild but effective cleaning of all kind of surfaces, e.g. mechanical and electromechanical contacts, relays, components, and equipment. Oil and fatty dirt can be removed from delicate precision instruments very sensitive but without residues. ISOPROPANOL is also suitable for removing solder pastes and cleaning of the screens used in that process. Optical equipment, e.g. lenses, glass and object lenses can be cleaned reliable without leaving spots. Ideal for the cleaning of all kinds off equipment without attacking any sensitive parts.

Please note :

Spray ISOPROPANOL accurately on surfaces to be cleaned. Ensure uniform wetting of these surfaces. Adjust quantity of ISOPROPANOL to degree of dirtiness. For spots of difficult access, use the attached extension tube. For the cleaning of slight contaminant surfaces wipe off after spraying with a lint free cloth. Do not use ISOPROPANOL on components under voltage. Prior to switching on the appliances, allow for solvents to evaporate.




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