ASV SP 500 Calcium Sulphonate Complex Grease 50g


ASV SP 500 Calcium Sulphonate Complex Grease 50g

  •  Extremely wide service temperature range of -20°C to
    +160°C (peaks to +180°C)
  •  Excellent EP & AW properties due to uniqueness of
    inherent calcium structure
  •  Very good resistance to oxidation
  •  Excellent protection against corrosion
  •  Good load carrying capacity
  •  Excellent for use under slow to medium speeds and heavy
  •  Excellent mechanical shear stability
  •  High dropping point
  •  Exceptional lubrication at high temperatures
  •  Provides extended lubrication
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ASV SP 500 Calcium Sulphonate Complex Grease 

Calcium Sulphonate Complex Based Greases For Water Resistance, Withstanding High Loads & Temperatures


Product Description

ASV SP grease series utilize calcium sulphonate complex thickener technology in mineral oil carriers resulting in a lubricating medium grease of providing exceptional lubrication properties under severe operating conditions of temperature, loads and water attack.

ASV SP grease series have been specifically formulated to maintain a lubricating film capable of high load carrying capability, provide heavy duty lubrication, exhibit thermal and oxidation stability, protect against corrosion along with water and water washout resistance.

Formulated with special additives, this grease is lead free and contains no environmentally harmful or hazardous ingredients and is provides exceptional lubrication under vibrations and loads.

Also available ASV SP 500 M with molybdenum disulfide solid lubricant.



For lubrication of heavily loaded bearings in especially if in contact with water


Directions for Use

Use as supplied. Never dilute or mix with other oil or grease.



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