ASV LCG 220 B High Performance Lithium Complex Grease 50g


ASV LCG 220 B High Performance Lithium Complex Grease 50g

  •  Extremely wide service temperature range of -20°C to
  •  Excellent resistance to water
  •  Extend re-lubrication intervals and cut down lubricant
  •  Combination of EP additives increase the load bearing
  •  Offer good surface protection and corrosion inhibiting
  •  Very good shear stability under moderate to high loads
    and medium speeds
  •  Make sliding smoother and reduce operational noise
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ASV LCG 220 B High Performance Lithium Complex Grease

High Performance Premium Lithium Complex Soap Based Greases for Lubrication Of Bearings At High Temperatures



ASV LCG grease series are mineral oil thickened with a premium lithium complex thickener and special additive combinations to provide excellent protection against wear, rust, and corrosion. These high-performance greases are designed for providing effective lubrication under conditions of temperatures, loads, shear forces and harsh environments. These greases exhibit excellent adhesion, shear stability and very good resistance to water.

Premium additives used for enhancing extreme pressure properties demonstrate high load and wear reducing capabilities to make these greases ideal for use under demanding conditions.

ASV LCG series of greases provide extended lubrication, increase equipment wear life, reduce energy consumption, maintenance costs, downtime and are ideally suited for lubrication of bearings subjected to heavy loads, slow to medium speeds and high temperatures.


Directions for Use

Use as supplied. Never dilute or mix with other oil or grease. Apply on all clean sliding surfaces by normal greasing methods i.e., by brush, grease gun or dispense via centralized lubrication systems.



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