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Weicon Plastic Metal UW 500g

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Plastic Metals
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WEICON UW is particularly suitable for repairs and reconditioning, for example on pipes, pumps, tanks and containers.
WEICON UW can be used in the entire marine and inland water navigation sector and in wastewater systems. It can be used in all applications where moisture and wetness lead to bonding difficulties.

Pretreatment of the surface 
The surface to be treated or filled up must be clean (metallic clean), dry and free of grease. The same applies to the working tools and mixing vessels. To improve the adhesion, surfaces should be roughened, especially when they are smooth. WEICON Cleaner S or WEICON Sealant and Adhesive Remover help to remove almost all residues. If necessary, sand blast in addition.
Cast parts which have been exposed to sea water for a long time  should be treated with special care as they might contain inorganic  salts. It is possible that these salts reach the surface and absorb  moisture, thus starting rust formation (rust bubbles under the protective 
coating). We therefore recommend to heat or flame the surface after  sand blasting. If adhesion with the ground is not desired, a separating  agent must be applied. For smooth surfaces e.g. WEICON Mould  Release Agent F 1000(silicone-free). For porous surfaces WEICON  Mould Release Agent Wax P 500.
:Before adding the hardener, it is absolutely necessary to stir up the fillers in the resin component thoroughly (exceptions: Epoxy Resin Putty and Casting Resin MS 1000).
Thoroughly mix the components for at least 4 minutes (type SF: 2-3 minutes) to get a uniform mixture. Avoid the formation of bubbles. Do not mix more than you are able to use within the pot life. If container is partly used, it is to be kept tightly closed. Strictly observe the specified mixing ratio (tolerance max. +/- 2%).
The quoted pot life times refer to mixtures of approx. 200 g. Larger quantities will cure faster due to the typical heat reaction of epoxy resins (exothermal reaction). WEICON Plastic Metals should be used at room temperature (approx. 20°C). Pot life and cure time will be reduced at higher temperatures. (Rule of thumb: Every increase of 10°C above room temperature leads to a reduction of pot life and cure time by 50%). At temperatures below +16°C, the pot life and cure time will slow down; below approx. +5°C no reaction between resin and hardener will take place any more.* Depending on the type, WEICON Plastic Metal can be machined or demoulded after 2 hours (min.) resp. 16 hours (max.) at room temperature. Final cure of all types is reached after 24 hours (at room temperature). Only the type Weidling C should afterwards be temper-hardened step by step. In low temperature environments the cure time can be speeded up by the influence of heat, max. +40°C (heat lamp, hot air fan). Do not use open flame!