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Ambersil Mould Protective 400ml Aerosol

Product Category: 
Protection & Care
Content Size: 
Milli Liter (ml)

MOULD PROTECTION has been specially formulated for application to mould surfaces after their use to remove any surface moisture and to protect the mould against corrosion during storage. 
A visible, non-silicone, protective coating for use on all types of mould tool and other metallic parts and components. The tracer dye ensures that the operator can be quite certain of covering the entire surface of the mould with the protective film. This film will not harden or crack and is easily 'mouldedoff' when recommencing production. Alternatively, the film can be easily removed using Ambersil Mould Cleaner or Amberklene FE10, ME20 or L030. 
Apply an even coating to all surfaces 9" - 12" (25 - 30 cm).  Do not overapply. 
Visible Film : Easy identification, total coverage assured 
Easily Moulded Off : Ensures quick start up    
Film Allows Subsequent Handling : Resists Acid Finger Marking    
Resists Corrosion : The mould tool remains in top condition 
All injection mould tools, blow mould tools, extrusion dies and metal components requiring corrosion protection.