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PATTEX PL 150 Exterior Fix Solvent Technology -380g

Product Category: 
MS Polymers
Content Size: 
Gram (g)

Surface preparation:

Ensure surfaces to be bonded are clean and free of dust, grease or oil. Surfaces should not be visibly wet or continuously damp.

Substrates must be stable. Remove the dirt with the appropriate solvent or sand down surfaces and clean afterwards from the dust. Before application, mask off the adjacent area with foil or tape, if necessary

Adhesive application:

Apply adhesive onto one of the surfaces: 1) In spots in order to smooth uneven surfaces, 2) in wave-like form for higher initial tack with wide surfaces or 3) in straight strands for smaller surfaces.  In case of outdoor use, apply vertical strands.

One surface should be porous to ensure a solid, secure bond because solvent has to evaporate. For two non porous substrates apply PL150 in vertical strands so that the solvent has the possibility to evaporate

To ensure proper bond, press firmly so that all surfaces are in contact with adhesive.

Application temperature:

-10 to +35 °C

Open time:

Approx. 10 minutes

Drying time:

Allow to dry overnight to ensure proper adhesion. Bond is fully dry after 48h.


Approx. 300 g/m² with full-surface application