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ASV 604 , Di - Electric Silicon Grease ( DC-4) - 1KG

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ASV 604 Dielectric, Non-melting silicon grease like compound for lectrical parts insulation and moisture proection

-Wide service temperature range from -50C to +200C
-Moisture resistant and exellent water repellency qualities prevent formation of conducting water film 
-High degree of resistance to salt spray,humidity and corrosives
-High dielectric strength
-Chemically inert
-Very low volatility
-Very good thermal and oxidation stability
-Consistency is largely independent of temperature and maintains its grease like conssistency at high temperatures
-Nontoxic, Non volatile, Non Melting and odorless
-Compatible with plastic,rubber and metal pairings
-Very good adhesion on all metals,glass,plastic,ceramic,rubber substrates

-As a moisture proof seal and protective barrier coating on high tension electrical connections of all electronic,electrical,industrial,marine,aircraft,automotive equipment for providing greater resistance to tracking and effects of corona discharges.
-As a dielectric seal cum lubricants for switches,cables,cable connectors,high voltage insulators,battery terminals,spark plugs,disconnection junctions,ignition system to prevent formation of a conducting film of water,eliminate risk of flashovers,minimize electrical leakage and prevent ingress of moisture.
For all electrical fittings exposed to marine environments to protect from salt-water corrosion,oxidation,moisture penetration,reduce maintenance and increase wear life of equipment.
-As a protective coating on insulators and bushings in chemical plants to protect them from chemical fumes,vapors and gases
-As an assembly lubricate for various metal-plastic and metal-rubber pairings.
-On to surfaces of ceramics,metals,insulating materials to impart high surface resistivity

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